6 Conditions That CBD Oil Can Help Treat In A Dog


If you're wondering whether CBD oil administration can help to improve your dog's health, you should explore the various conditions that CBD oil has been shown to treat successfully in canines. CBD oil has shown to be a highly versatile treatment option for humans and dogs alike. There are many different types of condition that CBD oil can provide a natural treatment for without much chance of dangerous side effects.

17 December 2018

Antler Dog Chews: Should You Choose Plastic Or Real?


Antler dog chews have become quite controversial. Some dogs do okay with these bones, but other dogs have been injured. How do dog owners decide if this chew toy is right for their dogs? What about plastic versions or rubber versions of the antlers? Is there a difference between plastic and real antlers as far as safety goes? Here are some answers.  Real Antlers Are Best Left to Large Dogs

30 May 2018