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When you prepare for bad weather set to roll into town, you do take into consideration the things that your pets may need during power or water outages? If you haven't prepared for what your pet will need during emergencies, now is the time to do it. Our blog will show you exactly what you need to get for different types of pets to ensure that you have everything that you may need during emergencies when you can't get out of your house to make a run for these supplies. We will cover everything from basic needs to treating medical emergencies your pet may experience.

6 Conditions That CBD Oil Can Help Treat In A Dog


If you're wondering whether CBD oil administration can help to improve your dog's health, you should explore the various conditions that CBD oil has been shown to treat successfully in canines. CBD oil has shown to be a highly versatile treatment option for humans and dogs alike. There are many different types of condition that CBD oil can provide a natural treatment for without much chance of dangerous side effects.

The following are six conditions that CBD oil is currently being used to treat in dogs.

1. Poor circulation

Studies have shown that CBD oil can improve circulation in dogs. This can provide a multitude of different benefits. Better circulation can help lethargic dogs to gain back some of their lost energy. Better circulation can also improve the condition of the heart and make it easier for a dog to get much-needed exercise to control weight gain.

2. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease that impacts the eyes and can eventually lead to blindness if it is not properly treated. Glaucoma doesn't just cause vision problems. It can also cause extreme discomfort. CBD oil can help relieve some of this discomfort so that dogs are more comfortable as they are being treated for glaucoma.

3. Spasms in muscles caused by neurological disorders

Muscle spasms can be a frightening experience for both your dog and you alike. Muscle spasms can happen because of neurological disorders, but they can also happen because of side effects to other medications or because of allergic reactions. CBD oil can help to relax muscles so that spasms become less likely. CBD oil can be both applied topically and given orally to help reduce the occurrence of muscle spasms.

4. Arthritis and joint problems

Older dogs are likely to start experiencing arthritis as they age. CBD oil can be a relatively risk-free way to treat pain in dogs that are caused by arthritis. A dog's health will often quickly deteriorate if the dog is affected by arthritis and won't exercise because of the discomfort. CBD oil can relieve the discomfort and encourage a dog to continue exercising despite being affected by arthritis.

5. Cancer

CBD oil can help treat cancer in dogs in a variety of ways. CBD oil has been shown in some studies to help to prevent cancer cells from growing and reproducing quickly. CBD oil can provide the added effects for dogs suffering from cancer of stimulating the appetite and relieving pain and discomfort.

6. Chronic seizures

Some dogs experience frequent seizures that cause disturbing shaking. CBD oil can help to treat seizures by relaxing the dog and preventing electrical neurological disruptions that lead to seizures in dogs.

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17 December 2018