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How to Use a New Vegan Shampoo Bar for Your Puppy


Bathing your puppy is an essential part of being a dog owner, but it can be challenging to choose the right shampoo. Suppose you're interested in taking on the task of grooming on your own instead of reaching out to a professional. In that case, you need to start with the basics.

When you're using shampoo for your puppy, opting for a vegan pet shampoo bar might make the most sense. Not only is it the most ethical choice, but there are also fewer chemicals and skin irritants to be concerned over.

Start with a Trial Bath

You need to be selective over any new products, especially when introducing them to your puppy. Since you probably aren't aware of all the potential allergies your puppy may have, it's best to start slow.

Instead of lathering your puppy up with a new shampoo right away, try using it on just a single paw or their tail. As of 2017, environmental allergies affect 3.6 percent of dogs. Therefore, the risk of allergies can be concerning when introducing any new products. Starting slowly with the new shampoo bar can allow you to check for any signs of an allergic reaction before washing them down in a full bath.

Limit Any Fragrances

Since baths are an entirely new experience for your puppy, you need to consider how overwhelming the bathtub can be. In addition, fragrances can be unappealing for your puppy, especially once you add how strong some scents can be during a bath.

Vegan shampoo bars typically come in a variety of different mild scents, allowing you to avoid anything too powerful. Finding a shampoo bar that doesn't have any fragrance can ensure that your puppy won't be overwhelmed with unfamiliar scents during their first bath.

Consider Their Needs

The variety of bars designed for shampooing dogs can include a lot of specific purposes. From oatmeal shampoo that is soothing for sensitive skin to exfoliating bars ideal for removing grime, you need to consider what's best for your dog.

Since your puppy could have specific needs due to the length of their coat or their skin condition, you can pick out a shampoo bar just for them. Take careful consideration of all the shampoo bars with a vegan formula so you can pinpoint what will best fit your puppy.

Bathing your puppy on your own can be much easier when you choose a shampoo bar that is a great match and is easy to use due to minimal fragrances and natural ingredients.  


22 June 2021