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Considering A Service Dog? 3 Effective Breeds For Emotional Disorders


From bringing you medication to alerting others of your distress, you may be surprised by the different ways a service dog can help you with your emotional disorder. Whether you suffer from severe depression, anxiety, or another psychiatric disorder that affects your ability to live a normal life, a licensed and trained dog can help. Of course, you may not know which breeds are best suited to aid you and your condition. Here are a few effective dog breeds to consider if you need a service dog for your emotional disorder.

Standard Poodle

Many people believe poodles are weak and fragile, because of how many choose to groom them. However, they are one of the most easily trained and intelligent dog breeds, which makes them a great option for your service dog.

Standard poodles are energetic and alert. If they hear or see something that needs to be addressed, they will alert you.

Since they are natural learners, training standard poodles to protect and aid you when necessary will be an easy process.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is one of the most common dog breeds because of their fun-loving personalities and strong intellect. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or another issue affecting your mental health, consider a Labrador retriever for your service dog.

The lab is smart so training the breed for your needs is simple. The Labrador retriever is also gentle and caring. They are capable of feeling and showing compassion, ensuring they are able to focus on you and your needs when you are in distress.

German Shepherd

Smart, easily-trained, loving, and strong area all traits of the German Shepherd. This dog breed is a natural choice for providing you and your family with service needed to help with your emotional disorder.

This dog breed is one of the smartest and strongest breeds, so it is easy to see why they are a favorite among the military and law enforcement.

German shepherds are obedient dogs that have a strong want and need to not only learn, but also please their owners. They are also severely loyal, providing you and your family with unconditional care, companionship, love, and support.

If you are living with severe depression, anxiety, or another psychiatric condition, consider one of these breeds for a service dog. With intense intellect and a strong loyalty, these breeds will become imperative parts of living a somewhat normal lifestyle even though you are in emotional distress.


2 October 2017