what your pets need in case of an emergency

When you prepare for bad weather set to roll into town, you do take into consideration the things that your pets may need during power or water outages? If you haven't prepared for what your pet will need during emergencies, now is the time to do it. Our blog will show you exactly what you need to get for different types of pets to ensure that you have everything that you may need during emergencies when you can't get out of your house to make a run for these supplies. We will cover everything from basic needs to treating medical emergencies your pet may experience.

Important Things You Need To Get When You Adopt A New Rescue Puppy


If you' re planning adopting a rescue puppy, then you need to be sure that you have the right stuff at home. You don't want to bring your new puppy home and not have the place ready. This will make the situation uncomfortable for both you and your new dog. Some of the things are obvious (leash, water bowl) and you can pick them up at your local pet store, but other things are a bit less obvious and you might need to order them online ahead of time.

Food and Water Bowls

You don't want to serve your new puppy water and kibble out of bowls you use. First off, it's important to keep the bowls separate and distinct for hygiene reasons. Secondly, the materials used for "human" bowls are often fragile (china, glass) and not suitable for an animal. You don't want your puppy to break their bowl and get injured ingesting a shard of glass. So pick a stainless steel or hard plastic bowl.

Housebreaking Pads

If you live in an apartment and you are not going to be in the house during the day, you will need to have housebreaking pads. These are disposable pads that your puppy can use to go to the bathroom. You train them to use the pads and not go on the carpet or the bare, hardwood floor.

A Dog Pen

It's also a good idea to get a pen to keep the puppy in at first. This will let the puppy feel safe, as well as prevent it from running around the house and going to the bathroom in random places before it is potty trained. The pen can be an open-air design, so it doesn't feel too claustrophobic.

A Collar and Leash

These are obvious ones, but essential. You need to keep your puppy on a leash when you take them outside. They are young, and they won't have the training necessary to follow your verbal commands. You can get a comfortable collar and keep it on them so that they get used to it and don't get squirmy when you want to go for a walk. If you only put the collar on before taking them out, they might resist the collar and it will make the process of walking them difficult. So try and keep the collar on them sometimes when they are in their pen.

Pooper Scooper and Waste Bags

You want to be a good dog owner, and part of that includes cleaning up after your dog. It's rude, as well as against the law in some places, to let your dog poop on the street and leave it. So, get a pooper scooper and waste bags and you won't have a problem.

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14 December 2016