what your pets need in case of an emergency

When you prepare for bad weather set to roll into town, you do take into consideration the things that your pets may need during power or water outages? If you haven't prepared for what your pet will need during emergencies, now is the time to do it. Our blog will show you exactly what you need to get for different types of pets to ensure that you have everything that you may need during emergencies when you can't get out of your house to make a run for these supplies. We will cover everything from basic needs to treating medical emergencies your pet may experience.

Three Tips For First-Time Puppy Owners


Bringing a new puppy home can be an exciting day for any family. However, it is an unfortunate fact that people that have never owned a puppy may make some simple oversights that can lead to behavioral problems as the animal grows. To help you ensure that your puppy's training goes as smoothly as possible, you should keep the following few tips in mind.

Keep Your Puppy On A Strict Schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit, and this is especially true when they are needing to learn new skills. As a result, it is important for you to ensure that your dog is kept on a strict schedule for feedings, walkings and play time. Without this structure, your puppy may have a difficult time with adjusting to life in your house as it may not know what to expect. To help ensure that your puppy stays on schedule, you should create a simple chart that outlines the times that your puppy can expect food, playtime, and exercise. For the first few weeks, you may want to set alarms to help you remember when it is time to tend to your puppy. 

Encourage Socialization

Owning an aggressive dog can be a stressful experience. Due to the need to avoid confrontation, you may be limited in the activities that you can enjoy your dog. For example, taking an aggressive dog to the park can expose you to liabilities and headaches. To avoid this problem, it is important to get your puppy used to socializing with an assortment of people and animals so that the correct behaviors can be learned. There are a number of doggie daycares that can help you with this task. By enrolling your dog in these programs, you can ensure that it will be given ample opportunities to practice its social skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Avoid Letting Your Puppy Lead On Walks

Taking your dog for walks is one of the more common tasks that you will need to do. However, it can be common for owners to make the mistake of allowing their puppy to lead on these walks. This can create a situation where your dog will attempt to be dominant during the walks, which can make it more difficult to control. In order to avoid this problem, you should train your dog to always allow you to lead on walks. This will establish you as the pack leader for your new puppy, which should make controlling your dog easier while it is being walked.

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13 July 2016