what your pets need in case of an emergency

When you prepare for bad weather set to roll into town, you do take into consideration the things that your pets may need during power or water outages? If you haven't prepared for what your pet will need during emergencies, now is the time to do it. Our blog will show you exactly what you need to get for different types of pets to ensure that you have everything that you may need during emergencies when you can't get out of your house to make a run for these supplies. We will cover everything from basic needs to treating medical emergencies your pet may experience.

3 Tips For A First Time Dog Owner


Adding a dog to the family can be a fun and exciting event-- when you have a dog you can count on a loyal companion who will love you unconditionally. But if you have never owned a dog before, there are several things you should prepare for before bringing your pup home. Use the following tips to ensure that you are completely ready for dog ownership:

Have a Vet Lined Up

Having a good vet is one of the keys to helping your new dog live a happy and healthy life. It is a good idea to begin your search for a vet well in advance of taking possession of your dog. If you're getting a puppy, he or she will need several visits to the vet in the first several months of life for shots. It is also a good idea to have your vet spay or neuter your dog before she or he reaches sexual maturity. An older dog should be seen by your vet for a thorough check up in order to discover any underlying health issues that need to be treated.

Purchase a Crate

Some people see a dog crate and decide not to use one because they think that their dog will not like it. But in reality, a crate is a valuable tool when training a dog. Dogs are natural den animals, and they feel safe and secure in small spaces. A crate can stand in for a den and become your dog's personal space. Using a crate is also a great way to house break a dog, as most dogs do not urinate or have bowel movements in their den area.

Stock Up on Essentials

Stocking up on pet supplies can make your foray into dog ownership much easier. Buying a variety of dog toys will help to keep your dog happy and entertained. Make sure you think about the type of dog that you are getting before purchasing toys-- a large breed dog will likely tear up a small plush squeaky toy, and a small breed of dog most likely won't be able to handle a huge nylon chewy bone.

Before buying dog food, it is a good idea to find out what your dog is currently eating. If you want to switch to a different type of dog food, do so slowly by mixing in the type of food that he or she is currently eating with the new food. A slow transition will prevent digestive problems, such as throwing up or diarrhea.

In addition to toys and food, don't forget to buy bowls for food and water, a leash, a dog bed, a collar with a name tag, and a selection of treats. Having all of these items on hand will make it easy for your dog to adjust to his or her new home. Contact a business, such as Petland of Crystal Lake, for more information about new pet ownership.   


7 March 2016